EXPLORE Sydney's Cultural Heart

- With Aboriginal People

Be captivated by unique cultural experiences offered in Sydney by DreamTime Southern X. This is a company 100% owned and operated by Aboriginal woman Margret Campbell a Dunghutti – Jirrinjah woman and is one of the Australian tourism industry’s champions in Sydney. Margret shares her unique cultural expression with Aboriginal guides to carry on the living Aboriginal Dreamtime Heritage of Sydney’s natural landscape and seasons. Be informed by multi levels of Aboriginal land use practice and methodology of conservation and sustainability built into Aboriginal Family-Kinship systems.

It's Right Here In Sydney – DON’T MISS IT

Illi Langi

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The Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour

Illi Langi - The Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour is a perfect introduction to the living Aboriginal Dreamtime Cultural Heritage of Sydney’s natural landscape and seasons. Its tailored for both school students or local or overseas visitors to Sydney. Read More >

Wyanga Malu

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Explore Sydney’s Aboriginal Dreamtime

Hop aboard a Mini Coach to Explore Sydney’s Aboriginal Dreamtime. Be captivated and informed of how Aboriginal people see Sydney’s saltwater environment and their cultural connections to landscape – eco environs. Its vivid shapes – colours – sights – sounds – smells – tastes hopping on / off at five (5) Aboriginal sites across Sydney city. Experience more than Sydney’s history - be attuned to its ancient cultural heritage – its Dreamtime Heart into Sydney’s present day. Read More >

Other Aboriginal Cultural Experiences we offer

Our Dreamtime Tourism experiences can be tailored with cultural combinations for larger groups and organisations. For further information please contact Margret Campbell directly via Email: margret@dreamtimesouthernx.com.au OR Mobile: 0403 686 433

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  • Ngara Kungala

    The Aboriginal Cultural Protocol associated with engaging all of the senses to explore the natural colors and forms of the world which inform how we live.

    Listening, smelling, tasting, touching and seeing so that you experience Nature in a way that triggers your sense of reconnection and belonging to and custodianship of Mother Earth.

    Individual participation in and group witnessing of Aboriginal Ceremonies to honor the Dreamtime creators and the ways in which they continue to shape our individual and collective identities

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  • Wyanga Malu

    Beginning at the moment of your birth your introduction to and acknowledgement of Mother Earth.

    Your initiation into the multi-dimensional kinship systems of belonging. Discover your personal totems, group totems and totems which belong to your Aboriginal Nation.

    Explore the ways in which the clan group boundaries determine and inform kinship systems of land use and land management.

    Here in Sydney’s Eora Country and saltwater coastline we live within the Whale Dreaming, still witnessing whales today as they continue to travel up and down their ancient songlines. 


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  • Ghurryungun

    The origins of the creation of the Dreamtime spaces and places across Sydney from the Skyworld to Mother Earth.

    The painting of the land by the Dreamtime Custodians as they bestowed their Blueprint which continues to manifest daily; informing us on how to interact with each other and how to care for ecosystems and share our environment.

    This forms the basis of our understanding of our “collective belonging” and Australian identity which today begins here in Sydney. The first point of contact between the English settlers and the oldest living culture on the planet on Gadigal land in the heart of the Eora Nation - modern day Sydney.


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  • Illi Langi

    Explore and understand your personal connection and kinship of belonging to Country, particularly your Grandmother’s country, within the Gadigal landscape of the Eora Nation within modern Sydney.

    As each day unfolds across the city, urban and rural Gadigal landscapes learn to see with Dreamtime eyes the ancient lores which influence and inspire a personal, powerful connection to the land. Learn how to navigate the ancient Aboriginal Songlines to read the evidence of the Dreamtime Places.

    Look beyond the built up environment of the English settlers to the original salt water and fresh water landscapes and coastal harbor foreshores of the 29 clans of the Eora Nation, to experience the spiritual value and social and cultural importance of the land to the Aboriginal people.  


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  • Korrobora

    Acknowledging and respecting the origins and importance of the oral nature of Aboriginal culture, heritage and history.

    Celebrating the artistic ceremonies of story telling, dance, song and music, message sticks and songlines and how they inform our laws of engagement.

    Honouring the human family kinship connection to the natural, seasonal world and it’s sustainability and conservation lores.   


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